For two years, DC Linktank has reliably and consistently served up Washington DC’s most comprehensive listing of events in areas such as policy, advocacy, and research. As our subscriber base grew by the thousands, we began to hear more feedback about the need and value of Linktank.

Looking Beyond Events

We asked a simple question: Why do events matter to you and the DC community as a whole? The answers we got covered a large span, ranging from classic networking to hard-hitting primary research.  We found something common in all of the responses. People are seeking a connection to experts, institutions, or issues, and thus was born the idea of creating a space for fostering these “intelligent connections.”

Our New Service

Our goal is to make DC Linktank the first place you go to when you want to find local expertise, whether it’s an organization, person, or event, on the issues and regions that matters to you. If you’re a subject-matter expert, then DC Linktank is where you can find and build an audience.

Your Feedback Matters

The new DC Linktank is a work in progress. We’re learning a lot from a constantly growing, dedicated audience that has found incredible value in the simplicity and utility of our original weekly events newsletter. We have to balance the opportunities and solutions that we want to build for the DC community while also listening carefully to our audience. We may not always get it right, but we’re listening to your feedback every day to make adjustments and find new opportunities.

What’s Next

We’re currently focusing our efforts on events, which is what made us so popular in the first place. You’ll continue to see improvements in this area on both the website and email digest. We’re re-launching our original weekly events newsletter as “Weekbook by DC Linktank.” This will remain a separate email subscriber service delivered weekly, as before, with the city’s most comprehensive listing of events that matter. The new website is simply “DC Linktank,” and it allows you to search or browse for events and organizations. An enhanced people search feature and much more are on the way.

And Finally, Thanks

We also wanted to offer our sincere thanks to our entire community of dedicated users. Together, we hope to build something unique and vitally useful for our great city and its many brilliant and dedicated residents. Let’s make some intelligent connections.






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